Become a Friend or a Sponsor

As a non-profit organisation, the West London Chorus (formerly the Chiswick Choir) depends on the support of our Friends and Sponsors to produce our three concerts each year. Their financial contributions go towards orchestral hire, musicians and soloists to work with the choir. Each concert costs, on average, £8,500, of which only a small fraction is covered by ticket sales.

Part of Wie lieblich sind from our performance of Brahms’ German Requiem.

To sponsor us

We welcome the opportunity to discuss joint promotional opportunities with Sponsors from commerce and industry to help maintain our high performing standards. In return we offer valuable publicity through our advertising materials, website and concert programmes. Sponsors also receive complementary tickets to all our concerts.

We offer a variety of sponsorship opportunities including sponsorship of concerts, individual soloists, or the choir as a whole. If you are interested in sponsoring us, or want more information on how your organisation could support the work of the choir, please contact our sponsorship secretary.

Become a Friend

In addition to our Sponsors, we are grateful for the support of our enthusiastic Friends. The benefits of supporting the choir as a Friend include complementary tickets to three concerts a year, free programmes, and an invitation to our Friends’ Christmas party.

The annual subscription is £50 payable on application.

If you would like to become a Friend of the West London Chorus, please Contact us for more information and an application form..

At the moment, our Friends are:

Mr J. Balfour
Mrs E. Batki-Braun
Mr N. Bishop
Mr P. Chandler
Mrs T. Cooke
Mrs J. Cunningham
Mrs J. Dalglish
Mr C. Dewhurst
Mr J Duff
Mr & Mrs C. Ford
Mrs L. Fox
Mr J.M. Goodeve-Docker
Ms S. Grant
Mr P. Grossmann
Mrs M Howard
Mr W. Jest
Mr A. Jones
Mrs J. Kron
Mr B. Lovell
Mr A. Lumsden
Mr & Mrs R. Lusby
Mr I. Peacock
Mr M. Pownall
Mr & Mrs P. Schick
Mr L. Scrine
Mr R. Sinclair
Mrs S. Thackray
Mr F Vieth
Mr M. Wakar
Ms A. Wilczak
Mrs J. Wigney
Mr J. Williams
Mr & Mrs J. Wilson
Mrs L. Woods

Our Sponsors